How to write a Letter To The Editor

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200 Word Limit – Most letters should be 150 or so words give or take about 25 words. If it is shorter than that don’t worry, but it should be under 200 words or it may be too long to be published in some New Hampshire papers.

Choose a Topic — Letters are much more effective when they focus on a single issue rather than a laundry list of ideas or concerns.

Keep It Simple – Avoid obscure words and try to break down complex ideas to simple ones.  If your letter is difficult to understand it is less likely to be published.

Use Specifics – Don’t be afraid to quote specific numbers and key facts about your topic.

Use Local Stories – Using local or personal stories can make your writing more interesting than simple repetition of numbers and studies.

Check for Mistakes – Before submitting, proofread your letter.  More than just embarrassing your letter may not be printed if it is full of typos and other mistakes.